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Can stress harm the spine?

Is stress harmful to the spine? How can Chiropractic help those who are suffering from the daily rush?

Stress can indeed harm the spine. During periods of high tension, hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are released, giving you a boost for your activities and helping you get through difficult situations. However, if these hormones are continuously released, they begin to disrupt your daily life, affecting your sleep, generating more bodily inflammation and creating tension in your muscles. When there is any misalignment in the spine, a small local inflammatory process occurs (sending a signal to your brain that something is not right), which in turn further sensitizes the nerve endings (small fibers that transmit pain signals to the central nervous system), making them more "sensitive" to stimuli that previously wouldn't have caused any pain. This combination of reactions indicates that your body needs to "defend" itself, leading to a slump and "contracted" posture. It is the same reaction that occurs when someone threatens to hit you, with raised and rounded shoulders, a flexed spine, and a forward head position. This is how the body reacts in continuous stressful situations, causing a "worsened" posture because it believes you are fighting. As this sensitizes your body due to the tension that is present, you tend to experience more pain and have lower-quality sleep, further increasing stress levels and creating a detrimental cycle for your health. Chiropractic care can be a great ally in breaking this harmful cycle. With adjustments, new bodily information is sent to the nervous system, letting it know that you are now fine. In response, a command for muscle relaxation and a reduction in inflammation is sent, which tends to decrease your sensitivity to pain, maintain a more upright posture, and provide better conditions for sleep, thus creating a beneficial cycle for your health. During this period, it is recommended to start exercising, improve your diet (which also affects bodily inflammation), and consider going to bed earlier.


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