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Know more about classic techniques

ABC - Advanced Biostructural Correction

diagraph showing body posture improvements

A specialized chiropractic approach pioneered by Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz. ABC targets postural distortions and misalignments throughout the body, addressing not only the spine but also the pelvis, ribcage, extremities, and breathing. Unique to ABC is the concept of "unwinding," where the body naturally releases tension during correction, resulting in enhanced mobility, reduced pain, and improved function. Practitioners who know this technique analyze the patient's sleep, sitting, and standing habits to suggest adjustments promoting the body's self-healing and reorganization. ABC includes advanced procedures like meningeal techniques, which manipulate the connective tissues around the brain and spinal cord to relieve tension, benefiting pain management, coordination, headaches, and overall well-being.

Thompson Technique

Eduardo applying Thompson technique in a patient

A chiropractic method that focuses on analyzing and adjusting the spine using specialized drop tables. Developed by Dr. J. Clay Thompson in the 1950s, this technique aims to correct misalignments or subluxations in the spine to promote improved nervous system function and overall healthwith the use of segmented drop tables that have various sections that can be raised and then quickly lowered during the adjustment process in different spinal segments. The practitioner identifies misalignments through a combination of leg checks and manual palpation, and then applies a specific, controlled thrust to the area that requires adjustment.

Gonstead Technique

Eduardo applying Gonstead technique in a patient

Developed by Clarence Gonstead, this is one of the oldest and most well-known classic chiropractic techniques to know about. This specialized approach emphasizes the evaluation using X-rays and palpation to identify specific misalignments. The adjustments performed through the Gonstead Technique are high-velocity and low-amplitude, precisely correcting subluxations and nerve interference. This technique is particularly effective for addressing cervical and lumbar pain. Prioritizing specificity, its adjustments generate audible releases (joint cavitations) making it ideal for correcting pelvic imbalances, disc herniation or inversion of the cervical lordosis.

Diversified Technique

Eduado applying diversified technique in a client

Desenvolvida por Clarence Gonstead, esta é uma das técnicas quiropráticas mais antigas e conhecidas. Esta abordagem especializada enfatiza a avaliação utilizando raios-X e palpação para identificar desalinhamentos específicos. Os ajustes realizados através da Técnica Gonstead são de alta velocidade e baixa amplitude, corrigindo precisamente subluxações e interferências nervosas. Esta técnica é particularmente eficaz para tratar dores cervicais e lombares. Priorizando a especificidade, seus ajustes geram liberações audíveis (cavitações articulares), tornando-a ideal para corrigir desequilíbrios pélvicos, hérnias de disco ou inversão da lordose cervical.

SOT - Sacro Occipital Technique

Eduardo applying SOT in a client

It aims to restore the proper relationship between the sacrum and the cranium, along with the entire body's biomechanics, addressing pelvic imbalances and muscle compensations. The use of pelvic wedges is frequently employed, promoting gentle and slow correction of the bones in the region.


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