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Does chiropractic helps with foot pain?

Just like the spine, the feet have numerous joints that connect the 13 bones composing each foot. Since they support the entire skeleton, they possess strong ligaments and endure substantial loads, in addition to experiencing ankle twists, trips, impacts, compressions, and more. All these incidents can cause some of the small joints in the feet to become locked, and not always will an alteration there return to normal movement on its own. This leads to pain, difficulty in movement, wearing high heels (or walking in flip-flops or barefoot), and affects proper blood circulation in the area. Through careful and precise motion analysis and palpation, the chiropractor identifies which joint requires an adjustment and makes the necessary corrections.

The improvement is evident both in movement (where the foot feels more "fluid") and in coloration (it's quite common for the foot to regain a rosier hue due to increased circulation resulting from the release of motion restrictions present there). Additionally, this process enhances stability, security, and confidence while walking.

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