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I had a car/motorcycle accident and didn't get a scratch, but I feel pain all over my body...

Chiropractic care can indeed help in this situation. It may not seem like it, but seemingly minor accidents can harm the spine significantly. Misalignments and loss of proper movement can occur in various parts of the body, in addition to the postural adaptation process that the body tends to undergo over time, leading to muscle tension, compensations, and bodily pains. In a study of patients who had whiplash injuries, 69% of these patients also presented thoracic dysfunctions (compared to only 13% of patients who had only cervical pain). Pain between the shoulder blades, especially in the first four thoracic vertebrae, was a common complaint. The overall condition usually improves in the first six months, but patients often experience a lot of cervical pain and difficulty in moving their heads. Other areas of the body can also be affected by the impact, such as the shoulders, ribs, and extremities. It is ideal to have a check-up with your chiropractor to accelerate the natural process of homeostasis, which is your body's ability to self-correct.


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