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About shoulder pain

In shoulder complaints, I have frequently found the musculature in this entire region to be involved. Muscle imbalances, particularly strong pectoral muscles and weakness in the back muscles, lead to pain, difficulty in raising the limb in certain positions (such as above the head), as well as postural changes. These changes are evident when conducting a postural analysis because the shoulders (or the head) may be anterior (when looking at the patient from the side, the shoulders should align with the earlobe when drawing an imaginary line), rotated and may be sensitive to stretching/muscle release procedures.

Chiropractic care in these cases includes not only adjustments to the thoracic spine, ribs, and neck but also the performance of stretching for shortened muscles. These procedures are not always painless, but relief is often felt at the end of the maneuver. Several sessions may be required for the muscles to regain their normal flexibility and for shoulder movement to become smoother.

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