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About Eduardo

Eduardo Ramos standing with crossed arms in a garden

"I heard about chiropractic for the first time through my cousin Rosane, who was undergoing treatment for her scoliosis. My initial thought was, 'Wow, taking care of the spine is so important!' She even sent me the course curriculum, which seemed fascinating right from the beginning. I then decided to talk to her chiropractor to gather more information and there I made a decision: learning chiropractic was what I wanted!"


After completing his studies at Feevale University in southern Brazil, Eduardo Ramos gained five years of experience as a chiropractor in Curitiba. He later relocated to Australia, where he successfully had his diploma recognised, underscoring his commitment to advancing his professional journey.


During the process of obtaining professional recognition, he closely observed the practices of various chiropractors. It was through Chris Gilchrist that he had his first encounter with the Advanced Biostructural Correction technique (ABC), and he was captivated by its gentle yet highly effective approach to adjustments. As a result, he became a Level I Certified Practitioner, inspired by the remarkable results achieved by ABC when observing clients with lower back pain as well as on his own personal experience.

He is now part of the Unwind at Lilyfield team, working alongisde  Chris Gilchrist, Daphne Broudou and Gemma Kaye.

Eduardo Ramos is also a member of the Brazilian Chiropractic Association - ABQ, Chiropractic Australia Association and he is a registered practitioner in AHPRA.


(+61) 0449 604 088

(02) 8068 1282


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